Spring Skiing and Scraping in the Super Gully

Dave and I had scouted the spring skiing prospects of the LRR on Wednesday and decided we better get after it because the “pack” is melting fast (plus there wasn’t much to begin with)!!!

Dave felt the “Siren Song” of the Super Gully on Lost River Mt calling strongly to him and we felt we could still ski a line in it if we negotiated the bony stretches carefully! Plus, new snow fell on the range Friday.

The new snow turned out to be a blessing and a bit of a curse…it formed some wind slabs in the upper gully that looked and felt suspect, especially as the sun radiated it with it’s springtime intensity, so we stopped at 11,000′ and it craftly hid some of the bony sections under a fine smooth layer to await unsuspecting skis and snowboards!!!

STILL… the areas with a base were sweet and soft and we made chained 8 turns from 11,000′ down!


5 responses to “Spring Skiing and Scraping in the Super Gully

  1. Great report! Even in less than perfect conditions, Super Gully never disappoints. I was hoping to get a trip in this spring, looks like the window is closing fast.

  2. Good stuff! Thanks for the post! Do you think the base will grow at all or is it now or never on the Super Gully or any LRR skiing?

    • The LRR often get their snow from March through May, so it is possible they will pick up some more. However, this year feels like one where that may not happen!!

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  3. Looks great guys. Would love to ski the SG but the old knees can’t handle it anymore.
    4 of us are planning on climbing the peak this next Saturday the 9th. Bringing the campons and ice axes so hope there is enough snow.

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