Pre-Season Rituals

Many of us have already started the 2012/13 winter pre-season games. I’m sure Youtube has seen an increase in skier/boarder enthusiast traffic! I know i’ve spent my fair share of time on Youtube to feed my winter needs before snow blankets the mountains. How many of us have walked to the mailbox while wearing ski boots or embarked down a dry ski run on the livingroom carpet? One of the many summer benefits is providing ample winter stoke and likely we are all recently guilty of wishing for cold and snow.

Dust off your avalanche education books. Brush up on your knowledge. Put new batteries in your beacon and refresh your memory on search strategies. And let’s all pray for a bountiful and safe winter season!


2 responses to “Pre-Season Rituals

  1. My pre-season rituals consist of a lot of winter weather predictions, work-outs, ski movies, and the planning of new adventures for the season. Right now the major three on my list for this season are Lost River (Super Gully), a three-day stay at Mt. Church, and exploring the backcountry beyond Grand Targhee. Thanks to all the contributors of this blog for their awesome stories of adventure and the inspiration to create my own! Let it snow!

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