Cooke City Chronicle

Cooke City, Montana is one of the most memorable places I’ve experienced. I first became intimately acquainted with Cooke City during the winter of 1995 while working for YNP and living in Gardiner, Montana. It wasn’t the skiing, but rather the ice climbing that held my interest. And for years after my stint in Gardiner, Cooke City became an annual “gathering” location for me and a few close friends.

We succeeded on many memorable climbs in the Cooke City area, with Barronette Peak being my all time favorite ice climbing zone south of the Canadian border. If you fancy yourself as an ice climber, Cooke City should be high on the priority list. The terrain is big and wild and dangerous.

Last year i started following the Cooke City Chronicle The photos, videos, and simplicity speak to my imagination and i have enjoyed seeing the impressive terrain outside the confines of the gully/pillar/gully ice climbing i am so familiar with. For many years, we would rent a cabin for as long as money and time allowed in Silver Gate during our annual gathering, but it’s been many years now since I’ve been to Cooke. I hear both Silver Gate and Cooke have grown a bit in the last 8 years.

With my focus now on skiing i think a return to Cooke is in order. The recent post on CCC showing the new Woody Creek Cabin has captured my attention and is definitely worth sharing the stoke! A nice making of the cabin video and basic info can be found at the Cooke City Chronicle. Check it out and keep your eye on the blog for great vid’s and photos of this nearby gem. I’d post the video here, but i think you should view it at the Chronicle along with other great videos and pics!

A known fact about Cooke City… it gets A LOT of snow!