Shhh! It’s a secret…

Layne on his way to an undisclosed location.

Layne P. and I visited a super secret location today. As you all know, snow is scarce around these parts, so we had to travel a whole hour and a half. But the reward was 5 hours of skiing untracked powder. OK, we did ski across a few tracks. Literally, like maybe 3 times. Otherwise we were skiing fresh lines with every run. No, we didn’t get any face shots, we had to settle for chest shots. Where is this hidden wonderland, you are asking? Where could they have gone that hundreds of powder-starved backcountry skiers have not tracked up? Why, it’s Teton Pass, of course!

Layne on his way to an undisclosed location.
Yes, the Teton Pass we have all been checking out on the web cam for the last month. The Teton Pass with the constantly full parking lot with Subarus idling in wait for a free spot. We pulled in at 8 a.m. and found the lot full. But magically, withing 30 seconds a Subaru pulled out leaving a spot for us. We skinned south along the ridge and dropped into a bowl visible from the road. I set a skin track. Well, actually there was a couple ahead of us setting a zig-zagging track directly up the face, but we chose not to follow them.
We dug a pit at about 9270 feet. Total snow depth was 125 cm. The new snow of the last week was very homogeneous and stable, only the weakest of layering was visible. We proceeded to ski fresh lines till our legs couldn’t take any more.

All but one of those sets of tracks are ours.

All but one of those sets of tracks are ours.

On the way out, we looked up at Edelweiss. It looked like a ski area. Crazy. Oh well, for those who are willing to skin a few minutes farther, opportunity awaits.


4 responses to “Shhh! It’s a secret…

  1. So you were the folks doing laps using the skin track on looker’s left, eh? Looked like you were getting some good turns in. I was astounded to see that other skin track in the middle of the slope, couldn’t believe somebody would be so clueless.

  2. Good for you Steve!! Looks like a great day.. amazing you were able to find untracked up there. of course 8:00 is pretty early for most of the Jackson crowd 🙂

  3. Yep, that was us. And yes, that was a bizarre uptrack that guy made. Probably ruined several laps worth of pow.

    It seemed like 8 a.m. was a shift change. A ton of people came off Glory and left right then, I presume they were heading to work after a dawn patrol run. I’m just glad the majority wanted to sleep in.

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