Ode to Classic Films

My Private Idaho – Big Slot from Dean Lords on Vimeo.

There is something special about sliding on snow. The simplicity of putting skins on skis, walking up a hill with the soul purpose to slide back down in a myriad of choreographed turns; leaving an artistic set of lines on a snowy mountainside. Simple – yet intertwined with complexity of terrain and snow. For some, sliding on snow requires steep and fast – or deep with big airs for it to be meaningful. For others, it’s meaningful to stand atop a craggy peak and drop into a narrow sliver of snow recessed deep inside vertical rock walls interrupted, if only by sheer drops requiring the skills of trad-sport skimo rappelling.

The most classic black and white films play out the complicated simplicity of any love story by pulling at the heart-strings of viewers. Like a classic black and white film, I hope this short old-school themed edit pulls you toward simple joys – skis arching through snow, traveling up and down mountains wrapped in winter beauty, and a child-like love of playing in the snow.