What is Bad Snow??

Sagebrush Surf from Dean Lords on Vimeo.

Good skiers will tell you… “There isn’t bad snow – only bad skiers.”

I openly admit to being a very bad skier when snow conditions aren’t the best – and at best, I’m only an average skier to begin with. Often skiing for us is more about exploring the mountain, skiing features of choice, and “hoping” for good snow! And when the snow surface or coverage isn’t ideal, well, we still seem to enjoy the challenge at hand; whether it’s breakable crust on 25 degree slopes or the engaging efforts of sagebrush slalom skiing!

Acquiring a very low standard for skiable snow and good conditions is one of the best lessons Kelly Mountain has provided us. Conditions that would (and often do) turn up the noses of those who spend more time in deeper snow climates, or those who only come out when conditions are favorable. And that’s cool too. It’s about having fun… and if it isn’t fun for you, it isn’t fun.

These short video edits are an attempt to gain more understanding of videography. We hope to take two very exciting trips this year and want to share our adventure in video format. Our goal right now is to produce a short video story every time we take the camera out; regardless of conditions, how well we might look skiing, or just kicking around on mellow terrain that isn’t very exciting. I hope this will stretch our creative thinking and videography skills. We know nothing about making movies other than having watched a few YouTube tutorials.

You all have front row tickets to our video making evolution! These recent videos are our first ever attempt at making movies.