Lost River Reels

Heather and I have some exciting plans for this spring… that is if the weather cooperates and provides the April/May showers that will bring snow to the Lemhi and Lost River mountains. Our journey is centered around a two-week tour from Pass Creek to Doublesprings Pass via mountain bikes and those hippie-like single wheeled trailers you can pull behind to carry our skis, boots, and supplies. Dry Creek and both forks of the Pahsimeroi, and their many tributaries each offer peaks of personal ski interest for us. And the bike method is a way to remove ourselves that much more from a fast paced life and experience the remarkable terrain and landscape.

I’ve discovered an interest in the artistic nature of amateur video edits. If plans and conditions come to fruition this spring, our journey would be an adventure of a life time and something i hope to share in an artistic way. We are far from elite skiers, but we love adventure and exploration. Many people search for remote mountains in far off places. Mountains without names, without much recognition in search of an experience unlike the norm. It just so happens that we live merely an hour or two from such a place.

In anticipation for our journey, i put together this short teaser. I hope you enjoy it!


My Private Idaho – Teaser from Dean Lords on Vimeo.


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