Return to Meadow Peak


When we started our Lemhi explorations several years ago, Meadow Peak was one of the first – if not our first attempt at skiing from a Lemhi summit. Heather was brand new to skiing and I was just getting back into it after a very long hiatus. Early October storms that year brought unusual amounts of snow in the Lemhis to which we made a few exploratory trips that month, starting with Meadow Peak.

Despite our enthusiasm that Meadow Peak would be Heather’s first successful ski mountaineering experience, she only made it a third of the way up the east face. This in its own right was a big accomplishment given that fact she didn’t really like hiking – even in the summertime, wasn’t too fond of cold weather sports, and was just recently introduced to skiing the season before! Meadow Peak ignited something for Heather; and although her efforts to reach the summit where hampered by physical and mental conditions, she became keenly aware of her deep draw toward overcoming personal challenges and just how much she wanted to be in the mountains.

Heather and I recently returned to Meadow Peak with hopes of skiing from the summit. With a few more years of skiing under her belt and a handful of ski mountaineering experiences, we took a slighty different approach to our objective and added an additional element of challenge. After parking our car where highway meets two-track dirt roads – 18 miles and 12 hours of adventure later we finished a chapter of our lives together while starting a new one at the same time. Skiing conditions were challenging and the terrain wasn’t extreme, but we enjoyed sliding from summit to base and then along wind-drifts back to where we parked our bikes.

 Here’s the video of our return to Meadow Peak.


My Private Idaho – Meadow Peak from Dean Lords on Vimeo.


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  1. Great video! You sure captured the beauty and remoteness of those mountains. Nice dance moves as the end as well. 🙂

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