Patience in the Little Lost River Valley

Watching and waiting…


Looking toward Dry Creek on the east side of the Lost River Range



Bell Mountain



Big sluffs and slabs on the west face of the Riddler


2 responses to “Patience in the Little Lost River Valley

  1. We so want to ski this range! Can you tell us if there is any easy 2WD access to start a fun ski day? If not, we can take the camper off our truck and use 4WD. We will be there sometime after April 20th with all the spring gear! Hubby and I love the remoteness of this area.
    Jeffrey(Biff A.) and Ellen (eshski)

    • Hello Ellen –
      Thanks for the comment.

      I’m afraid I don’t have an easy answer for you. The main road in the Little Lost River Valley is very 2WD friendly. However, most of the access roads to reach the peaks themselves are less so. It’s more of a clearance issue than a traction issue 90% of the time. So depending on the objective you could be okay, or you may end up walking further than you want!

      With that being said. I’d leave the camper on the truck and spend several days back there camping, exploring, and skiing!

      Hope that helps.

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