The Experience is Back


The Tetons of Wyoming

There are many ski videos out there but none that captivates me more than The Otter Body Experience. Some of the mainstream edits out there fall short for me in portraying a raw and honest experience. Many attempt to add depth with the use of slick editing tricks which can be visually stimulating but somehow removes the rawness of the moment for me.

The Otter Body Experience gave me an honest and real look into the minds and decision-making of two of the most respected skiers anywhere, Doug Workman and the late Doug Coombs, as they make the second ski descent of the Otterbody on the Grand Teton.

I’ve had the privilege to know and regularly associate with Doug Workman for the better half of a decade. I never knew Doug Coombs but have always been attracted  to his mountain philosophies. These same philosophies are very much alive in Doug Workman and evidenced in his accomplishments, honesty, and passion for sliding on snow.

This edit disappeared from the internet a few years ago but was recently resurrected.

Enjoy. Be inspired. Be safe.



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