Thoughts About Big Little Peaks

At times  it seems the focus for ski mountaineering centers around the tallest of peaks in the Lost River Range and Lemhi Mountains despite the beauty and obscurity of lesser known peaks that shine just as bright. It’s a big world filled with little peaks out there. Peaks that inspire and challenge. Peaks capable of producing meaningful adventures.

Obscurity and aesthetics entice me.


Lost River Range


Lemhi Mountains


2 responses to “Thoughts About Big Little Peaks

  1. Hey Dean and Jumbo – You’re both right! The good news is [or isn’t] that many people like me can only afford the time and effort for more local endeavors, and yet, these posts of seemingly lost and wondrous places of skiing adventure rarely become the next “stomping Ground” like Teton Pass. Kudos to Dean and the Team for shining the light on the difference between the two.

    Best – NMM

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