About the  Blog:

East Idaho Off-Piste
is a resource for backcountry ski and snowboard enthusiasts. This site contains various trip reports, conditions, photos and videos posted by our small community. With a focus on regional exploration and safety, EIOP isn’t your typical run of the mill cliff huckin’, gnar slayin’ blog page. Rather, you’ll find a lot of heart, soul, and adventure outside of the norm. And of course, classic lines, inspiring terrain, and friendly folks!

Lets define East Idaho as splitting the state in half by drawing a line north to south through the center of the state; everything right of the center line is East Idaho! Vast and unique terrain provide seemingly endless opportunities for adventure which require only an appetite for exploration!

I hope you enjoy the information shared by our friendly community. Please visit our blog page often, leave positive comments, and if you are interested in becoming a contributing author, please contact the Admin at deanlords@gmail.com

Disclaimer: This is an informational blog page not intended for elitists and/or secret keepers. If you are opposed to us sharing terrain on this website, please move on. This site isn’t for you. Thank you.

About the Sidebar Menu:

Avalanche Advisory:
This is a selection of regional Avalanche Forecasts and Advisories that pertain to our surrounding terrain. The EIOP Observations tab will link you to any EIOP blog post containing snowpack analysis and observations for areas posted by authors of this site.

Snow Report:
A link to the identified area Ski Resorts.

Each link contains a map of all Snotel sites per State.

Web Cam:
Get a visual of the current conditions from the listed web cams.

Posts by Mountain Range:
Interested in trip reports from various Idaho mountain ranges? Click on the specific Range to pull up all EIOP blog posts in that category.

This will link you to our favorite blogs and websites.


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